Hi, I am Glythyn Sprengel (DipHom, RCHom)

I started Totara Grove Homeopathy because my passion is to empower people to take charge of their own health and well-being. Homeopathy was one modality that I chose to help with my own health when I was working as an international flight attendant.

It was great to have a few remedies on hand for those first aid situations when you are 35,000ft in the air! Things like bumps and bruises, minor burns, food poisoning and of course, jet lag! I found this form of medicine was very helpful and effective and wanted to learn more.

After having my son, I left flying as I knew it was not the ideal environment for my health. Instead, I studied with the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy and graduated with a Diploma in Homeopathy in 2014. I am also registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. 

I work online via video call as many of my clients are overseas! That’s right! You can have a homeopath in a different country. 

Clients can also see me at home, in rural Pukekohe, where I have a dedicated space for consultations. 

My son has been raised on homeopathy and has never had antibiotics. I used homeopathy for all those childhood ailments like fevers, colds, teething, injuries and growing pains. Saturday mornings were often spent at a soccer or baseball field cheering for our son with a bottle of Arnica in hand!

Apart from homeopathy, I enjoy spending time planting to regenerate the wetland and native bush on our property and develop our vegetable garden. I love to walk and explore New Zealand and learn about our wonderful, native flora and fauna. 

Jewellery making is another of my passions. It is a wonderful creative outlet for me. I enjoy making unique, silver creations and wire wrapping crystals and stones. 

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