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Ah Teething!

Your baby or toddler is teething!

What do you do?

Why HOMEOPATHY of course!

Many of you will have heard about Chamomilla. This is probably because it is the most common homeopathic remedy used for teething. 

But don’t get hooked on it because there are many more!

Here are my top 7 teething remedies. 

Difficult teething with red, hot gums.
May have a flushed face and hot head.
Cries out suddenly in sleep when teething. Worse at evening until night. Worse right side.

Painful, delayed teething. Worse for cold or bathing. Sweaty head at night. Feet and hands cold and clammy. May have diarrhoea with sour smelling stool.

The infant or child is fretful and hard to please.
Delayed teething, teeth develop slowly. Rapid decay of teeth. May have diarrhoea of greenish, slimy stool. Worse for cold, motion. Better for warm dry weather.

Baby is only quiet when being carried. One cheek red and the other pale. Sore gums and unbearable pain. May have offensive smelling diarrhoea that looks like chopped green spinach. Worse at night. Better when carried, cold compress. 

Excitable, nervous, talks quickly. Red face and bright eyes. Restless and sleepless but does not want to be carried. Painful teething where the child may feel better holding cold water or pieces of ice in the mouth. 

Very restless at night. Sore, red gums.
Lots of drooling and maybe offensive breath. Much straining with greenish coloured stool. Worse at night, heat and cold. Better rest. 

The child is tearful and clingy and wants to be carried. Wants to bite on something cold. The child is not thirsty. Worse at night, warmth. Better for cold outside in the open.

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*This information is provided for informational purposes only. If symptoms persist please see your health care professional.*



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