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Ah Teething!

Your baby or toddler is teething! What do you do? Why HOMEOPATHY of course! Many of you will have heard about Chamomilla. This is probably because it is the most common homeopathic remedy used for teething.  But don’t get hooked on it because there are many more! Here are my top 7 teething remedies.  BELLADONNADifficult …

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Gathering case information

What information do you need to gather to find a remedy? The key to selecting a remedy is to match the symptoms of the person as closely as you can to the remedy “picture”.  Try to match mental, physical and general symptoms. Do this by gathering information using  C. A. M. E. L. S.    COMPLAINT –What …

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Homeopathy for injuries

OUCH!  You have just kicked your toe, or maybe your partner has been weeding the vegetable garden and has an achy back, or your child has been kicked in the leg at soccer. What do you do? Frist aid and homeopathy of course! These are just some exapmples of when you can use homeopathic remedies …

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Oh the pain of toothache! It must be one of the worst pains, especially when it comes on in the middle of the night and you can’t get to a dentist quickly! There are a number of reasons why you may have a toothache. It could be the result of decay, a cavity, gum recession, …

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Arnica and Aconite for Trauma

Have you ever heard your child scream the kind of blood curdling scream that makes your heart miss a beat? The kind of scream where you just know something is very wrong? I heard that scream on a summer’s day about 4 years ago.  My husband and my brother- in- law were building a potato …

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