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Homeopathic Study on Night Terrors


Are you the parent or caregiver of a child who experiences frequent night terrors?


Do night terrors seriously affect someone in your family?

Would you like the opportunity to change this pattern of behaviour by using natural, balancing homeopathic remedies and help your family enjoy undisturbed sleep?


What are Night Terrors?

The occurrence of night terrors is a very real problem and concern for many people. Not only are the sufferers affected by disrupted sleep but also parents, partners and other family members that have to deal with this issue. Their sleep is disturbed too and they are the ones who witness the episode and often can do nothing to comfort the person suffering.

Night Terrors, also known as Sleep Terrors, are episodes of sudden and intense fear, screaming, thrashing or kicking during sleep. They can occur at any age but are more common in children.

The child may seem awake, with eyes open, but they are unresponsive if you try to wake them. The person has no recollection of the event when they wake in the morning. Night terror episodes may happen occasionally but, for some, they are very frequent and can cause much distress.

Along with their night terrors, children may also experience other parasomnia (abnormal behaviour while sleeping) like sleepwalking, sleep talking, nocturnal leg cramps or teeth grinding.

If this sounds familiar then this study could help someone in your family change this pattern and begin to enjoy peaceful, refreshing sleep without the fear and trauma of night terrors.


Homeopathic Treatment

As homeopaths we help the whole body rebalance. Health disturbance affects the mind and body, therefore homeopathic treatment works with the whole health picture. Because the cause of night terrors is different for each individual, we will be looking at the whole picture, the health history and all of the current and past health issues which might have led to the experiences happening now. If you (or someone you care for) would like to take part in this study, we will be looking to address the cause of the terrors as well as balancing overall health and vitality.

To register your interest or to ask questions please click here to have an informal chat and find out if this study is right for you and your child.

We acknowledge that there are adults that experience night terrors too. This study is aimed at children but if you would like to discuss how homeopathy can help adult night terrors please contact Glythyn here.


Inclusion Criteria for this study:
  • This study is open to parents of children aged 2 to 16 years who suffer from night terrors. A formal diagnosis is not necessary to be part of this study.
  • You are open to the homeopathic process and using homeopathic remedies.
  • You are willing to work with Glythyn Sprengel (DipHom, RCHom) for a minimum of three consultations over a period of 3 months.
  • You are willing to pay the full discounted rate before each appointment.
  • If you do not wish to continue with the study, you can choose to leave at any time. You will not need to pay for any additional consultations that haven’t yet taken place.
Your Commitment:
  • You are expected to purchase and administer the prescribed homeopathic remedies according to the advice given after each consultation.
  • You are open to and willing to consider implementing any dietary changes that may be suggested.
  • You will be asked to provide a detailed health history prior to the first consultation including details of current medication and supplements being taken.
  • You are willing to provide regular feedback by email throughout the consultation process on the progress that your child makes.
  • You agree to your feedback and testimonials being used (anonymously) on social media accounts and my website in order to demonstrate the efficacy of homeopathy for the health and vitality of children.
How It Will Work:
  • Consultations will be online via video call using my private consultation zoom platform.
  • You will pay for the consultation prior to each appointment.
  • A remedy prescription will be sent to you by email after the consultation with details on where to purchase and instructions on how to take the remedies prescribed.
  • You will send any questions or concerns to me by email in-between consultations.
  • You will provide regular updates by email so I can gauge your child’s response to the homeopathic remedy and fine tune the prescription as needed.
  • You will be happy for your homeopath to share the information and results of the study with other homeopaths and other parents and caregivers wanting to find out what happens during homeopathic treatments.
  • A total of four consultations (1 full + 3 follow up) are included in the study at these discounted rates. If you wish to continue treatment after the initial 4 months, then you are very welcome to do so at the normal consultation rate.
  • Please book into my calendar for an informal chat to find out if this study is right for you and your child.

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