Homeopathy for injuries


You have just kicked your toe, or maybe your partner has been weeding the vegetable garden and has an achy back, or your child has been kicked in the leg at soccer. What do you do? Frist aid and homeopathy of course!

These are just some exapmples of when you can use homeopathic remedies to help injuries. All of the instances I have just mentioned have happed in our family.

When our son was young it seemed like I was often giving a dose of ARNICA after a fall when those cute little knees were permantly bumped and bruised!


One time it was not the knees that got bruised, it was an instant egg on the head!

My dear wee boy was about 18 months old and tripped over in the house and slammed his head on the corner of the door frame. I grabbed the ARNICA and gave him a dose and then quicky decided that we needed to get to Accident and Emergency to have him checked. 

Here is where the beauty of homeopathy comes in. It can be given on the way to the doctor or hospital or while you are walting for help to arrive. While my husband drove us to A and E, I sat next to our son giving him frequent doses of ARNICA. 

All turned out well, he was observed for a few hours and then we went home. The bump drastically reduced while still at the hospital which was such a relief!


Here are some of the main remedies for injuries. 

There are many more though, so if you find that your chosen remedy is not working, please reach out. I am happy to help right here. 


ARNICA – The number 1 remedy for blunt injury and trauma. It is wonderful for bumps, bruises and bleeding, shock and trauma. The body will feel sore and achy and you may feel overtired and have muscle fatigue. Think of ARNICA after an exhasting sports game.

It can be used after dental procedures and for injusrues to teeth.   If the bed feels too hard because the perosn is so sore, this is the remedy or if they say they are fine and send you away, then definitley consider ARNICA. The person will feel better for using a cold compresses on the aching parts or bruises. They can also feel better when the weather is clear and cold or when lying down. The person is worse for touch, jarring, exertion and at night. 

Arnica can also be used in cream or gel form, externally, for achy muscles or bruising. Do not apply to broken skin.


BELLIS PERENNIS –  A wonderful remedy for trauma and repetitive strain for tired or overstrained muscles. It is helpful for bruising, swelling and sprains – like Arnica but works on deeper tissue. Think of it for injuries to breasts or testicles and in pregnacy when there is an inabilty to walk. It is also perfect after childbirth when the pelvic organs are feeling sore and bruised and also after Ceaserian section or other major surgery. The person feels better for continued movement, rubbing the sore part and rest. They are worse for touch, having a cold bath or getting wet.


BRYONIA – The pains felt could be described as stitching or tearing pain. This remedy can be thought or for inflammation of joints and bursa with red, hot, swelling. Pain of fractures, bursitis, dislocation or lower back pain can be helped with BRYONIA. Along with the pysical sympotms, the person that will benefit from this remedy will most likely be very irrtiable and will be better off left alone. This person will feel better lying still and even find relief lying on the painful part. They are better for rest or pressure like that of bandaging. They are worse for the slightest movement or the least touch, on becoming hot or for any exertion.


HYPERICUM – This is such a fantastic remedy for injuries to nerve rich areas like the lips, crushed fingers and toes as well as the spine, coccyx and head. It is also wonderful for injuries to teeth where there is damage to the nerve and after tooth extraction. Pains shoot upwards from the injury. The pains might be described as intolerable, cutting, violent and shooting along the nerves. After a wound or an operation there can be a feeling of nervous depression. There can be a feeling of dullness after a head injury. The person might feel better rubbing the painful part and resting. They could be worse for touch, exertion or jarring.

Hypericum tincture or Hypercal  lotion (hypericum and calendula) are wonderful for cleaning and healing cuts, grazes and skin inflammation.


RHUS TOXICODENRON – This one is osmetimes called the “rusty gate remedy”. Why? Becasue it is known for that sill achy feeling in the morning that gets better after moving around a bit, kind of like a rust gate! It is a remedy for bursitis, ligament sprains, strains and sciatica.

The pains could be drawing, tearing or even a burning sensation. It is a remedy to think of when there is sudden pain in lower back from over lifting. The person is often very restless, especially at night, which drives them out of bed. They are better for continued movement, stretching, warmth and a noce hot bath or shower. On the other hand they can be worse on initial motion or after resting, worse when it is damp and cold and worse at night.


RUTA GRAVEOLENS – Another great remedy for injuries to joints, tendons or cartilage. It can be used for lower back pain. The pains feel as if the person has been beaten or they feel as though they are broken. RUTA is well known in homeopathy to help pain and gangloins of the wrists and contaction of the tendons of the hand. Parts of the body can feel achy, bruised and sore with a sense of restlessness. The person is better for continued gentle motion, pressure or warmth and feels worse when lying down, sitting, on first motion, touch or cold. 


SYMPHYTUM – This remedy is made from comfry which is also known as knitbone. So it goes without saying that it is great for bone injuries even helping with the non union of fractures. Please only give this remedy when a fracture has been properly set, as it is known to speed up the healing. It is also good for lower back pain from injury or overexertion. Injuries or blows to the eye or eye socket from a blunt instrument are another indication for SYMPYTUM. It can help retinal bleeding too. The person feels better for warmth but they are worse for motion, pressure or touch. 


If you are having trouble choosing a remedy or if you have ongoing problems after an injury, I would be happy to help.  Let’s talk.


*As always, the information provided here is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is not intended to diagnose or treat in any way. It does not replace consultation with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner or going to A and E/Emergency Room in an emergency.*



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