Initial Appointment:  Adult $120, Child (16 and under) $70

Duration: 90 minutes

During this appointment a full case history is taken. As well as finding out about your main health concern, a homeopath is interested in your likes and dislikes, sleep, emotions and medical history. This information helps to form an overall picture which is used in the selection of a homeopathic remedy that best suits you and your unique symptoms.


Follow Up Appointment:  Adult $70, Child (16 and under) $50

Duration: 45 minutes.

The follow up appointment is a time to evaluate how homeopathic treatment is working for you. It may be necessary to change dosage or frequency of your remedy or a different homeopathic remedy may be needed.


Acute Appointment:  Adult $50, Child (16 and under) $50

Duration: 30-45 minutes

An acute appointment is ideal for ailments like colds, ‘flu, sore throat, earaches, injuries or other illnesses that come on suddenly.


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