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For those of you that are familiar with homeopathy and use it at home, do you know how to choose a remedy for an ACUTE ailment?

The key to selecting a remedy is to match the symptoms of the person as closely as you can to the remedy “picture”.

Try to match mental, physical and general symptoms.

Do this by gathering information using  C. A. M. E. L. S.


What is the main issue and what else is going on

other than the main complaint?


What brought it on? How did it start?


What makes the complaint or the person better or worse?


How is the person’s mood and demeanour?


Where is the problem or the pain? Does it extend anywhere?


What does it feel like? Is it burning, stinging, aching etc?

It is also very useful to look at…


Is the person thirsty or not? What for? Anything unusual?


Is the person hungry or not? Any cravings?


Any problems with eating or going to the bathroom?


Are they sweating? Is so, where and when?


Are they hot or cold? Is there a fever?

Do they want to be wrapped up warm or have the

window open?

Once you have this information it is time to find out what remedy is the best match. You can do this by doing an online search or look up in a homeopathy guide book that lists the most used remedies for common ailments. 

Find the one remedy that is the most similar to what is being experienced by the person that you are taking the case for. 

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*As always, the information provided here is intended for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It is not intended to treat or diagnose in any way and does not replace consultation with your doctor or other healthcare practitioner. 

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