Client testimonials

“They (the teeth) were discoloured and appeared dead with no feeling in them at the two week mark. The dentist was 95% positive that they were definitely dead and we would need root canals. We continued with the homeopathy and now, today, day 27 they are alive! She can feel all her teeth and they are going back white. Even the dentist is really surprised. She had absolutely no feeling in them after two weeks – they have healed themselves. Homeopathy definitely worked. We are over the moon!
Thank you for all your advice. She will only need cosmetic work to repair the broken bits but no root canals.”
“I really wanted to let you know and thank you so much for helping our son. My husband and I had taken our son to the local GP a few times to try to diagnose what might be causing his lack of energy and listlessness but to no avail. We were so grateful that you were able to do a consultation by video call. We felt we were listened to and our son’s ailment was respected and understood. We are happy to report that after 3 doses of the remedy we have our busy and energetic boy back.”
“When I have an acute issue, I always choose to reach out to a homeopath. Glythyn was quick with responses, super compassionate, and spot on with remedy recommendations. She helped me and my son over the span of a couple days and I saw such a huge improvement in him! Homeopathy is amazing and I would recommend Glythyn to anyone who needs some help!”
“We cannot thank you enough for what you have been able to do for our daughter and us. We are truly grateful. We would have spent months going to specialist appointments and who knows how many tests just to be told that they couldn't do anything to help her. Her skin is now flawless after 8+ months of constant eczema.
“We both went to bed and had a great nights sleep and did not wake up. This morning she ran over to see me and I could not believe that she felt pretty normal (not hot). She is currently sitting at her table cutting and drawing like she normally does. She is a lot more chatty and is not laying down on the sofa. I haven't given any more remedy since yesterday evening. I am so grateful for your help and so happy I contacted you! This is my first time reaching out for help from an actual homeopath who has experience so thank you so much!"
I occasionally feel like I have reflux that wants to come up, but isn't coming up, but I feel world's better than I did at our first call and can tell I'm on a good trajectory. I felt better yesterday than I did the day before and better today than I felt yesterday.
Thank you for all of your help!"
"Success! We have been working with Glythyn Sprengel since my original post. Her support and recommendations throughout the process have been so helpful and Glythyn never minimised the fact that it was 'just a baby tooth' as so many have and always kept me hopeful. Nearly 6 weeks later my daughter's teeth feel strongly re rooted and only discoloured slightly for a short time and then have mostly returned to normal. There is no pain and no sign of infection that the dentist assured me was inevitable and would need antibiotics. I'm definitely a converted believer in homeopathy now!"
I had a visit with Glythyn Sprengel - Totara Grove Homeopathy - back in September for some issues I was facing...and we got that under control, then in October I booked another acute consult with her and I was having uti symptoms. She quickly found the correct remedy for it and let me tell you...I have used it several times since October at onset of a uti and it knocks it on out. This morning I woke up and had severe pain and once I realized it was a uti that was hitting me I took the remedy and instantly (2-3 min), the pain was gone! And it hasnt returned! I am soooo thankful for homeopathy and Mrs Glythyn!
I just would like to let you know that ****** has been much better. His face and body are clear of sandpaper rash. His bends of arms healed. His bends of knees are 80% better, no more ooze.
Well, it was to his delight and astonishment that it was completely closed the next week!
"That's the magic pill" says he! He had been holding out small hope it would be useful, and resigned to possible surgery in the near future. So, quite a win for him!
The eczema is completely gone from his legs. Just a tiny bit of roughness left on his arms and tops of feet. I really appreciate you, your skill and expertise. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed!
***** did so great during is surgery. It's crazy but afterwards he never even needed a dose of Motrin or anything like that. I just did a couple of doses of Arnica and Hypericum. Before the procedure he did great also (I didn't have to give him anything to help). I couldn't believe how calm her was. Even all the nurses kept commenting about how relaxed her was acting.
Hi Glythyn, hope you're well! We were at the dentist for a cleaning this week and the dentist was looking at the old X-ray....then tapping her teeth and asking her if it hurt....then took a new X-ray....and once again completely shocked that her current X-ray shows NO sign there was ever any trauma! He said if she was a new patent he would have no idea anything ever happened. Just wanted to thank you again.
I feel so much more confident with what I'm doing now that I have a homeopath to ask my questions. Before it was like poking around in the dark, trying to figure out what I'm doing.
After the 7 days of antibiotics the abscesses got worse. There was a lot of pus and redness around them. So I scheduled an appointment with one of the homeopaths here, Glythyn Sprengel.. - Wanted to say that the effectiveness of homeopathy is astounding. It does not fail to impress me. The key is to find the remedy that suits YOU. That's critical.
"We have actually noticed a positive change in her mood as well as a lot more of her personality coming out since she recovered. We didn't even know it was possible as she has always been such a happy little girl with a HUGE personality. We are so incredibly happy with the results so far!