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Oh the pain of toothache!

It must be one of the worst pains, especially when it comes on in the middle of the night and you can’t get to a dentist quickly!

There are a number of reasons why you may have a toothache. It could be the result of decay, a cavity, gum recession, a new filling or crown, or even illness like a sinus infection. I notice that when I am unwell,  I can sometimes feel pain in my teeth. For me this is my body telling me it needs attention.

So if you are up in the middle of the night, pacing the room in pain, or waiting to get to the dentist, you may like to try one of these homeopathic remedies to help with the toothache. 

Choose one that is the closest match to your symptoms. 

Remember that there are many possible remedies for toothache. The ones listed here are some of the more common ones. 

If you can’t find a remedy that helps, please contact your homeopath or, if you don’t have one, I would be happy to help. 


Drawing, stinging or throbbing pain. There is inflammation and redness. This remedy can be used at the first sign of abscess. 

The head may feel hot and the face may look flushed.  The pain could be worse when eating or feel sore when cold air hits. 

The toothache feels better for pressure or biting. The person could be very restless and be constantly moaning. 


Toothache during pregnancy or during the menstrual cycle where the pain comes on when entering a warm room. 

There is drawing pain that drives the person to distraction. The pain can disappear when eating but returns and is much 

worse at night.  The tooth pain can extend to the eye and ear and can feel like it is shooting back and forth. 

It feels worse for cold or when drinking cold water. The person who could benefit from this remedy is irritable and oversensitive

and may even be violent with the pain.


The pain is temporarily better for holding cold water in mouth but is worsens again as the water warms.

Jerking, sticking, tearing pain downward to nerves of the root. The person cannot stand the pain and is anxious, restless and could be crying because the toothache is so sore,


Toothache can be felt when opening mouth. This remedy os often used for an abscess with pus formation at the root of a tooth. The pain will feel sharp, like a splinter and may extend to the ear or throat. The toothache is worse after drinking cold drinks and biting teeth together. It can sometimes feel better out in the open air.  The toothache can cause the person to be irritable and easily angered. 


Toothache may cause the person to talk about the pain all the time.  There is intense pain in decayed or filled teeth which can feel better when drinking hot drinks and feels better with the heat of a hot compress. It is worse when drinking cold drinks, eating cold food and after going to bed. This remedy can also be purchased as a cell/tissue salt and can be added to warm water and sipped. 


Toothache with shooting pain into the ears and face that feels better when rubbing the cheek. The ache can start slowly and spread from a molar to the temple and then gradually get worse and subside again. This pattern can repeat every few minutes. 

Throbbing pain that is so bad making the poor person very restless and they must sit up all night. The pain is worse for both heat and cold and at also at night. 


This remedy suits an angry, impatient, very irritable  person who is oversensitive and just can’t stand it.  The toothache is a tearing pain that is better for heat like a warm compress and feels worse when drinking anything cold. If there is decay in the tooth there could be a stinging pain. The toothache is worse when drawing in cold air and worse at night or after eating.


As a tincture, this remedy can be used directly on the sore tooth. It can also be used in homeopathic potency. The tooth is aching, sensitive and sore to the touch. The pain is excruciating and may be described as a boring, digging or shooting pain. The cheeks could be swollen and the face red. Lying down and putting pressure on the face might bring some relief.  The person might be irritable and restless and could be pacing back and forth. 


Tearing pain in roots of teeth that is worse for cold air and drinking cold drinks. The teeth are sensitive to the slightest touch and even the tiniest piece of food remaining in a cavity can cause intense pain though to the roots. The tooth can ache when air is drawn into the mouth. There may be swelling of the cheek and pain in the head on the same side as the toothache and the face may feel hot. There can be toothache in pregnancy or during the menstrual period. The person could feel depressed and moody and may prefer to be alone. 

*As always, the information provided here is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. It does not substitute consulting with your dentist, doctor or other healthcare professional.*

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